A meeting update – 18.09.14

So the Youth Council had a very busy day yesterday. We gave our 2nd presentation to Hastings Borough Council and informed them of what our plans are for the rest of the year and what we have done over the past few months. This included some of our up-coming events like the Hastings Youth Awards on the 16th of November and a White Ribbon event (more information on these subjects to come soon). After the presentation to the councillors, we had our Full Council meeting that featured updates from all of our officers. This is in addition to talks about transport around the town i.e. buses to schools/colleges and how we can improve them as a Youth Council. Furthermore, we had a large debate on how we can help tackle street harassment around Hastings and St Leonard’s. So all in all, the Youth Council is still hard at work making Hastings and St Leonard’s a better place for young people.


A Hastings Youth Council Event!

Come see us next Thursday (14th August) from 9-5:30. We will be placed next to the cricketer outside Priory Meadow shopping centre.

A meeting update – 10.07.2014

So at tonight’s meeting we did a practice debate session where we learnt key points in debating and how to debate better as go group. The points that we debated over tonight included the controversial “Should 16-17 years olds be allowed to vote in the UK?”. On top of the debating session that we had, we started to elect people as representatives for minority groups within Hastings and St Leonard’s. The full committee of representatives will be posted on here next week. Furthermore, contact has already been made with some of the local groups so things are progressing well so far.

Campaigns and Events Meeting – 27.03.14

During this meeting we focused on our mental health campaign. Over the next week we will be talking to CHAMs about creating assemblies to present to secondary schools as well as helping them get their message out to more young people in Hastings.

Our next meeting – Thursday 3rd April – will be a full council meeting and we will be discussing, among other things, the next steps for our campaign. The agenda will be made available soon.

An update from our meeting yesterday…

  • The main theme of the meeting was looking at how the Hastings Youth Council could grow alongside the Hastings Borough Council.
  • We discussed our plans for the future. 
  • Members also debated whether or not 16 and 17 year olds in the UK should be allowed to vote. 
  • We also talked about the agenda for our next full Youth Council meeting at the town hall on April 3rd.
  • Finally, we looked at how we are going to structure a presentation to Hastings Borough Councillors.